Awa Specialty "Taki no Yaki Mochi"

The 400-Year History of "Taki no Yaki Mochi"

Commitment to natural water and resources A flavor that remains the same from then to now

In year 13 of the Tensho era, Daimyo Hachisuka Iemasa built the Tokushima castle as Daimyo of 250,000 koku in Awa, and it is said that Taki no Yaki Mochi was presented during the celebration. As luck had it, the Daimyo's favorite Kinryu water was used, and it gained fame as the Daimyo's official sweet.
It was also chosen as a "Tokushima Public Legacy," and even today the Taki no Yaki Mochi is loved by locals. The attention to the ingredients and the handmade recipe is greatly cherished and will not change even after 400 years of history.

Why "Taki no Yaki Mochi" is so delicious

Wada no Ya's philosophy is to have no excesses. Please enjoy the gentle flavor that draws out the charm of the original ingredients.


From one of Mt. Bizan's springs, the famous mineral water drank by Daimyo Hachisuka Iemasa was the high-quality "Kinryu water." At Wada No Ya, the "Kinryu water" is still used to cook adzuki beans.

Red bean paste

Carefully selected adzuki beans from Tokachi, Hokkaido. Adzuki beans cooked with the famous "Kinryu water" have very little strange or bitter flavor, and the resulting bean paste has a smooth and elegant sweetness.


With a simple flavor that supports the red bean paste, the rice is composed of glutinous and non-glutinous rice grains that are carefully ground in a stone mill and dried in the sun. It is created from a traditional recipe that requires time and effort.

The Handcrafted Specialty

The Taki no Yaki Mochi are imprinted with a chrysanthemum pattern stamp, and they are earnestly baked one by one with a skilled artisan's intuition and technique, resulting in a fragrant bake, perfect thickness, and delicate balance of rice and red bean paste.

Product Line-Up

  • 12 pieces
  • [White] ¥1,390
  • [White/matcha] ¥1,450
  • [White/sesame] ¥1,450
  • [White/matcha/sesame] ¥1,450
  • 21 pieces
  • [White] ¥2,500
  • [White/matcha] ¥2,570
  • [White/sesame] ¥2,570
  • [White/matcha/sesame] ¥2,640
  • 30 pieces
  • [White] ¥3,550
  • [White/matcha] ¥3,650
  • [White/sesame] ¥3,650
  • [White/matcha/sesame] ¥3,750
*The listed price includes tax.

About the main store

About 10 minutes on foot from
Tokushima Station
Located in the middle of the city
In a place set back from the bustle
Please experience with your senses
The rich elegance of the four seasons

The Four Seasons of the "Wada No Ya Main Store"

Spring, Cherry Blossoms

When the cherry blossoms burst into bloom in mid-March along with the spring scenery, the scent of fragrant flowers wafts through the air. The cherry blossoms announce the arrival of spring. In addition to the full bloom, the swelling cherry blossom buds prior to blooming have an ephemeral charm. Please come and experience them along with the main store, which is a nationally protected Tangible Cultural Property of Japan.

Summer, Shiraito Falls

"Secluded behind the waterfall/ for a little while/ the beginning of summer" (Matsuo Basho)
Befitting of its name, a thin stream of water falls continually in the waterfall of the Wada No Ya garden, producing a refreshing sound. It also appears in Masashi Sada's song "Bizan."

Autumn, Autumn Leaves

As autumn approaches, gingko trees begin to change color from above. One day, a couple stood and gazed at the gingko all day. The wife said, "I enjoyed the sound of the gingko leaves falling." It was a wonderful, unforgettable moment.

Winter, Yellow Flax Flower

The yellow flower that colors the Wada No Ya garden is called "Moraes's flower" after being planted by Portuguese writer Moraes who loved Tokushima. The flowers start blooming around mid-November, and you can enjoy them along with the seasonal autumn colors.

From long ago, people have said "let's go to the waterfall!" "let's go to the waterfall mountain!" at Tokushima's number one vacation spot, Mt. Bizan, Otakiyama. You can enjoy the sound of a waterfall and the Mt. Bizan breeze in the peaceful greenery of the main store, but this place has also historically been known as a sacred place. The main store has been used as a matchmaking location from long ago because "Taki no Yaki Mochi" is said to have blessings for marriage. As many visitors come for a moment of solace from daily life, the unique charm of this place is rather legendary.
Spend some time among the changing seasons that are peacefully expressed at the base of Mt. Bizan.

Store information

Main store

Otakiyama 5-3 Bizan-cho, Tokushima-shi [MAP]

Tel.088-652-8414 Fax.088-656-1808
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed Friday/Thursday
*Open on New Year's, flower viewing season,
Awaodori period, and public holidays
Parking lot: available (call for more information)
At the main store, you can enjoy "Taki no Yaki Mochi"
while viewing the four seasons of Mt. Bizan

Access information

About 10 minutes on foot from the JR Tokushima Station
From national route 192, turn left at the Aibacho intersection and proceed about 500m, and then take a right at the end of the street and proceed about 100m.
Please inform us if you need to use the parking lot.

Tokushima Clement Plaza Store

1-61 Terashima Honcho Nishi, Tokushima-shi [MAP]

(Tokushima Terminal Building first floor)
Opening hours: 8:00-20:00
Closed days: according to the Tokushima Clement Plaza hours

Arudeyo Tokushima Store

2-20 Shinmachi Bashi, Tokushima-shi [MAP]

(Awa Odori Kaikan first floor)
Opening hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed days: according to the Awa Odori Kaikan hours

Aeon Mall Tokushima Store

4-1 Minami Suehirocho, Tokushima-shi [MAP]


(Aeon Mall Tokushima first floor)
Opening hours: 10:00-21:00
Closed days: according to the Aeon Mall Tokushima hours

Cafe Menu

Taki no Yaki Mochi and drink set

  • Taki no Yaki Mochi [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Matcha
    [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Iced Matcha [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with High-Grade Sencha
    [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with High-Grade Iced Sencha
    [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Kamikatsu Kanda Awa Bancha [with 3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Coffee
    [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Iced Coffee [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Sudachi Juice [3 pieces/5 pieces]
  • Taki no Yaki Mochi with Yamamomo Juice [3 pieces/5 pieces]

Seasonal items

Zenzai red bean soup [winter only]

Made with Tokachi, Hokkaido adzuki beans and Wasanbon sugar

  • Special Zenzai
  • Matcha Zenzai
  • Milk Zenzai

Shaved Ice [summer only]

Made with Tokachi, Hokkaido adzuki beans and Wasanbon sugar

  • Wasanbon Shaved Ice
  • Ogura Matcha Shaved Ice
  • Sudachi Shaved Ice
  • Yamamomo Shaved Ice
  • Ginger Shaved Ice

We offer various other items including a drink menu. Please stop by for a visit.